Brownie in Motion :: Stephen Takacs

20140428215257-4up.UpsizedHas anyone seen Stephen Takacs’ art installation Brownie in Motion out and about in Ohio? This large, traveling installation is actually functioning darkroom and camera as well! It gives you the chance to go inside and “become the camera”.

Want to check it out?

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Each donation to this campaign helps bring this over-sized camera obscura across the United States and supports an important portrait project that turns the camera lens on artisans and craftspeople whose niche skills are on the verge of disappearing. Ultimately, the images produced while on this trip will result in an exhibition and possibly a book!

Your contributions will go specifically towards the purchase of new lighting gear, photographic chemicals, film, fuel and any remaining direct positive paper we can get our hands on! Please consider donating so that the camera obscura may one day visit your town!

Strongwater :: Strong Community


400 West Rich and Strongwater, among other neighboring restaurants and innovative leaders, has helped rebuild Franklinton County Ohio into the art-filled and imaginative community it is today. 614 Magazine recently sat down with General Manager, Kris Howell and Chef Will Johnston of Strongwater to discuss the strides the 400 West Rich building and the in-house restaurant/bar has made since opening.

“It developed very organically,” Howell began. “We opened the gallery back in August [2013], the bar in October, and the kitchen has been up since January. It works in tandem with the art studios, one feeding the other. We’re trying to keep the creative energy open throughout.”

You can read more of the article in the MARCH edition of the 614 Magazine or you canread it online here!

Crave Magazine Features Refurbished Restaurants

Crave, Columbus’ dining magazine, recently featured an article on local restaurants renovating old spaces into hip, artsy and just plain cool places to be in Columbus.

Lately, it seems, restaurateurs are following suit … passing up shiny new builds in favor of rehabbing spaces in the oldest neighborhoods and buildings in the city

cr-e-spaces-strongwaterRead more on our very own Strongwater Food and Spirits and other revamped buildings-turned-restaurants here!

400 West Rich welcomes Forgeworks Columbus

forge-columbus-logo400 West Rich is lucky to be joined by Forgeworks in May 2014 for a new way to come together with fellow entrepreneurs, non-profits and other local innovators. Founder Reese Neader envisions a space where you can collaborate and work together – and donate your time to making a better Columbus!

Read more on this exciting addition to Franklinton here.

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