Dec 1 Market

It was a warm day on Dec. 1. So we decided to have the market outdoors! Here’s a look at what all went down.

Nov 17 Market

On Saturday November 17, 400 West Rich opened its doors for an indoor market featuring “Farm Fresh Foods & Uncommon Goods”. Vendors from around Columbus and tenants of 400 convened in the main space of the warehouse to showcase a variety of offerings. From raw honey to vintage tee shirts, artisan granola to break dancing kids, organic produce to a plethora of sweets, puppy treats to tin type photos, and from hand roasted coffee beans to hand crafted jewelry, the gorgeously lit interior teemed with the creativity of some of Columbus’ best up-and-coming merchants. An aerial acrobatics display added to the vibrant ambiance that was complimented by the record spinning of Mark Van Fleet and Adam Fleischer.

Check out this video to see some of the goings-on and be sure to join us for the next one on December 1, 2012.


What does the future hold for 400 West Rich?

Great question! There is a lot happening in the future over here… A LOT!

Where should we start?… Let’s rewind a tad. Currently 400 West Rich is a multipurpose facility housing 50 artist studio spaces, a brick wall gallery, a nice little lunch hub called Dinin’ Hall (now open through the winter), and a rich history dating back to the dawn of the 20th Century. All of that is a tasty appetizer in comparison to the additions to come!

There are plans to build out another 15-20 spaces bringing the total number of available occupancies to 65. That means more activity, more exchange, more inspiration, and more awesomeness. It’s also a way for us to whittle down that waiting list that’s been ever growing. If you’d like to add yourself to the list and are interested in leasing a space, give Jen Gable a shout at



What else?

At the Town St. entrance is a beautifully outfitted space with an undeniable air of nostalgia that will be specifically dedicated to the consumption of spirits. In other words, a bar. What will it be called? The title is still teetering. As we all know there is a lot of history to choose from in the neighborhood of East Franklinton and to keep in the spirit of it’s rich history, the name will reflect something relevant to the neighborhood. Did you know that they used to extrude uranium bars next door to 400? Seriously. Perhaps the space could be called “The Manhattan Project” or “The Uranium Room”. We’ll have more on this as time unfolds.

What about the big main space in the middle of the warehouse?


Great question! Have you ever wanted to buy fresh fruits, veggies, bread, etc, in the Winter but can’t because the farmers markets have all packed up for the season?

Look no further because there will be a soft-launched indoor farmers market on Saturday Oct. 27th. An abundance of locally grown produce and handmade goods will be available during boutique hours (12pm-4pm) on Saturday. If it’s a success, perhaps you’ll see it happen more regularly. But right now, we’re running a test to see how well it will go. This is an amazing opportunity for people from all over the city to come and check out the space and grab some wholesome goodness to go! So come on out and show us that this will be a success!

Stay tuned for event updates and more of what the future holds!

Dinin’ Hall

The doors of Dinin’ Hall opened in early May of 2012. Since then The Columbus Food Truck scene has found a warm and welcoming location in East Franklinton at a corner hub of the 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse of 400 West Rich. Tim Lai and Eliza Ho birthed the concept from the origins of Celebrate Local, a store front featuring locally made and grown goods from the Ohio countryside. They understood the intent, provide a location, branding, and sales staff for producers of fine goods, and focus it into the popular niche of food trucks. Since opening their doors, they’ve had swaths of people trodding through between the hours of 11am and 2pm, 6 days a week with a variety of delicious options available on any given day.

By day (and most nights), Tim and Eliza operate Lai ArchitecT as well as Dinin’ Hall. When not dedicating themselves to the demands of their clients, Tim and Eliza spend time with their family and are active members of the 400 West Rich Community. The Columbus Alive chose them for their People to Watch 2012 issue. They are vehement warriors in redirecting the aesthetic landscape of particular neighborhoods in Central Ohio stricken with blight and graffiti. With a handful of projects under their belt, including the SoHud Mural of Ohio’s deciduous trees and the Ohio Bird Mural at the Glen Echo Ravine, Tim and Eliza will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on Columbus, Ohio.

Learn more about Tim and Eliza, Dinin’ Hall, and all they do here: