Henry Hess

It has been just a year since Henry’s entry into the Columbus art scene and so much has changed for him! He is currently working from his own studio at 400 W. Rich, (www.400westrich.com ) and selling artwork to eager buyers.  In addition, throughout 2014, Henry has been involved in six group exhibitions, and one solo exhibition, selling several pieces. Henry will begin 2015 with a solo exhibition at The Vanderelli Room Art Gallery!

Although he primarily works with paper, his multimedia approach to art is something that makes him unique. In addition to drawing with pencil and markers, he is now using oil pastels, and venturing into the world of 3D design. His paper sculptures include dimension, texture, and are recognizable as many of his designs are original representations of familiar movie scenes. He also experiments with foam core, Styrofoam, and cardboard when building. He is not intimidated by the mess, but rather, embraces the process of creating art, and will sculpt or carve until the piece is a clear representation of his vision. Again, his love of film has remained unchanged, but his ability to express his ideas through his artwork has evolved as he has learned new techniques and styles of expression.

Henry is very focused on his art but has many other interests as well. In the summer, he loves kayaking, and in the winter, he is an avid skier. He has also been featured on many local news segments for autism awareness. With all that Henry has accomplished, it is hard to believe that he is just only 14!

Although his talent goes a long way, his passion and work ethic are what make Henry a true artist. He is eager to experiment with new ideas, and is persistent until those ideas become a reality.  After all, when you find what you love to do, and you take the time to explore it, it’s amazing what opportunities are available!



hhartwork@gmail.com (Artist email)

#henryhessartist (Instagram)

Henry Hess, The Artist (Facebook)



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