Artist Interview - Splendor Revival


Art is a huge reflection of what is going on in the world, it’s not only a way to cope with what’s going on but it’s also a way to celebrate resilience. 

Studio #305 at the 400

You may have had the opportunity to see Katya’s work through a variety of pop-up events around Columbus! A mixed-media artist by heart, every project is a labor of love supporting individual identity. With a focus on the handcrafted, Katya pulls textile materials and jewelry from all walks of life, beautifying the world in the process. If you visit her 400 studio, you’ll be able to peek a glance at her greatest project, transforming a blank slate to a boutique destination.


I really love encouraging women to find magic and the celebration in being themselves. My clothes and silhouettes are in the opposite direction of the body conscious. A lot of women I meet don’t feel comfortable wearing oversized garments, and I love introducing them to that, the opportunity to lounge and relax.