Jerry Strine | Studio 159

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If you stop by jerry’s studio…

You’ll notice there aren’t any power tools; though fascinated with modern technology, he said there is a visceral connection when working wood by hand, which keeps him centered.

“just jerry” is a period cabinetmaker and artistic designer of “all things wood”. A specialist in his field accomplished through his years of studying joiners, carvers, craftsmen and women from around the world, he remains unpretentious with a quiet command for his passion for woodworking. This expertise has led to his being a paramount figure in the building and restoration of a great many prestigious homes, the most recent being in the central Ohio area.

A New Jersey native, Jerry began his professional career in a small cabinet shop. Since these humble beginnings 45 years ago, he has come into all facets of the trade, some of which include architectural restoration, reproduction of period furniture, and the participation in the building of fine custom homes.

Whether the commission involves the design and function of a utilitarian kitchen or an armoire with hand carved linen-fold doors; it will be created with his exceptional attention to detail.

No matter what your presence of style, whether it be a flair for Art Nouveau, Contemporary or Gothic, from Southwestern to Retro; Jerry can effect its’ ambiance through his singular artistic vision. From this master’s inspiration your space can be transformed, resulting in an unparalleled focal point.

Modestly, he would argue, “I’m still an apprentice”.