Guidelines on Photo Shoots within the buildings


Photo shoots in the buildings

400 W Rich and Chromedge Studios are both beautiful buildings with so much character and life. The rustic brick walls and industrial corners make it the perfect place to house a photo shoot.

As a tenant, one of the perks is access to the building and ability to take photos throughout the space. However, the building is open for business (as there are several offices and companies in co-working) Monday- Friday, 9-5 PM. This means that photoshoots with models and major setups can become cumbersome to our other tenants and internal-businesses.

Due to these limitations, our new policy is as follows:

If you want to schedule a photo shoot outside of your personal studio space, it is free to do so Monday-Friday, 9-5 PM, but it MUST be scheduled with Stephanie McGlone at prior to shooting.

If you want to schedule a photo shoot outside outside of the above times, please contact Adam Elkins (The Photo Lab Manager) to setup a time and date. Remember, you get $15 off each booked our as a tenant!

If you are found doing an unscheduled shoot within either building, there will be a fine.