Guidelines for photo shoots in the buildings

400 W Rich and Chromedge are both beautiful buildings full of character. The rustic brick walls and industrial corners make it the perfect place for a photo shoot.

As a tenant, you gain access to these buildings to use for your own shoots. At the same time, our building is open for business hours (along with the several businesses and companies in the co-working side of our space, as well as OSU STEAM Factory), and unscheduled photo shoots with models, lighting setups, and photographers can cause a chaotic environment for the business hours.

Going forward, the new policy for tenants using the building for photoshoots is as follows:

- If you are stepping outside your space to photograph a piece, feel free to do so as you need! These type of photographs are quick and easy and absolutely not an issue.

- Tenants are able to reserve time and space for photoshoots (defined as any production besides you + more than 1 product) in 400 W Rich and Chromedge here. Reservations are FREE if between Monday-Friday, 9-5 PM, but it MUST be scheduled prior to beginning the photoshoot.

- If you’d like to reserve time outside of M-F/9-5PM, normal hourly rates apply. However, tenants receive $15 off per hour as a perk. Yay!

- Any tenant found holding a photoshoot/production outside of their studio space without reserving time will be fined.