Artist Interview - Mikey Thomas


“I was a ballet dancer, I was an actor, dancer and performer in musical theatre, in New York City, but I left all that so I could do movement that feed me more.”

Studio #100 on the 400 Promenade

Founder/Lead Director of Movement Activities

One of our first tenants after recently moving back into the Columbus scene, Mikey always been attracted to aerial dance, and the visual & performing arts. In New York he worked as an independent choreographer as a member of the Sean Curran Company, while his more recent compositions have taken him overseas. Settling back down in Central Ohio has not deterred Mikey from ever slowing down, where as lead director for Movement Activities, he has started teaching the performing arts on 400 West Rich’s Promenade.

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Mikey has an illustrative teaching career, mentoring several university dance programs throughout the U.S; earning multiple distinguished awards and citations from the Toronto Fringe Festival, Prague Fringe Festival, the New York Fringe Festival, and the Kennedy Center College Choreography Initiative.